Cloud Conversion – What will it Cost?

Triumph Cloud is based on a monthly subscription. The subscription fee is calculated on the number of modules and users in your Triumph setup. The subscription fee is made up of two components, the Triumph software component, which we can control, and the second, which we do not control, the cloud infrastructure  and licenses component.

In the current environment Triumph want to recognise your loyalty as an existing customer, and so we’re offering you a substantial discount off the normal subscription fee on the Triumph software component. This is a 5-year reducing discount, starting at 50% and reducing by 10% each year.

The move and conversion to the Cloud is done at no cost. This includes any updates and/or upgrades that might be required to bring your Triumph system up-to-date 1. You just pay the discounted monthly subscription fee. This fee is paid by direct debit in advance, with the first month being on a pro rata basis. If for any reason you’re not completely happy with the Triumph Cloud environment, e.g. you can’t get a satisfactory Internet connection where you are, let us know within the first 30 days and we will move you back to your on-premise license and refund you any cloud subscription fees you’ve paid.

In addition, because of our strong cloud security and firewall, any web-based module or feature, e.g. eCommerce, Inventory Scanning, Proof of Delivery etc, requires the SQL database. If you currently have, or require a new web-based module within the next 6 months, and don’t have an SQL version of Triumph, we will convert you to SQL at no cost. We will also include the additional Triumph SQL per user fee, currently $5 ex a month, for free on your existing user count, for the remainder of the five-year discount period.

As you can appreciate, every client has a different configuration and setup, which means it’s not possible to quote you a monthly subscription fee here. Upon request however, we will provide you with an individualised quotation for your Triumph Cloud subscription, which your Triumph consultants will walk you through and explain.

Note: Modules or users that are no longer being used can be easily dropped when moving to the Cloud, and this will provide you with an ongoing saving 2.

Show me an example?

To help you gain an idea of costs, we have created an example company called “All Good” who have Triumph installed on-premise on an old server and network.

“All Good” has an 8 user Base Pack system, with 12 Triumph modules General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, Inventory, Bank Reconciliation and EFT Payments plus additional modules, Sales Order Entry, Point of Sale and Purchase Ordering, Special Pricing, Bill of Materials and Multi-Location Stock…


“All Good” currently pay $262 ex per month in Triumph software maintenance fees, which will now be incorporated into their cloud subscription fee.

Show me my Loyalty Discount?

At the same time as moving to the Cloud, “All Good” have requested we reduce their users down to 5.

As an existing on-premise customer, “All Good” get the 5-year reducing cloud loyalty discount on the Triumph software component of their subscription. This table shows the indicative monthly subscription fee (ex GST) for their 5 user 12 module cloud system for the next 5 years…

Year Yearly Discount Triumph Software Component (Discounted) Cloud Infrastructure Component 3 Actual Monthly Cloud Subscription (Discounted)
1 50% $302.50 $125 $427.50
2 40% $363.00 $125 $488.00
3 30% $423.50 $125 $548.50
4 20% $484.00 $125 $609.00
5 10% $544.50 $125 $669.50

Hopefully you now have a good idea of how the cloud pricing and loyalty discount works. If you’re still unsure, please talk with us or your Triumph consultant.

1 Excluding any customised reports or business forms, or any other non-standard Triumph customisations you might have.

2 If you reduce your user count, and you reinstate these users within 12 months of moving to the cloud, you can reinstate them at the discounted subscription rate, but only up to the number of users you had when you first converted to the cloud. The subscription fee for adding additional modules, or users above your cloud conversion count, is based on the normal subscription fee, i.e. discounts do not apply to these.

3 The cloud infrastructure component is $25 ex GST per Triumph user.

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