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What is new in Sales Order Entry

When entering a stock line in Sales Order Entry, if the price is changed, you can get the system to clear any discount. This can help to prevent a double discount being given by mistake. For this behaviour, set the “Clear Discount” flag on the Entry Defaults tab in Sales Order Entry Control S-S-X-O. If set to “Sometimes”, it will only clear the discount if the price is reduced.

In Confirm Picking Slips D-O-T-E, if stock is not available, and placed on backorder, the normal business rules to purchase or transfer the items will automatically occur. This is also the same in Paperless Picking.

For convenience, you can now zoom to purchase orders that are listed in the purchase requisition “Allocation” grid.

Enter multiple notes on sales order transactions, the same way you enter notes on master accounts. The sales order transaction must exist before you can record notes against it by pressing Ctrl+N or clicking

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When an order is flagged for deletion, or unflagged for deletion, a system note will be automatically created against the order. This also applies to quotes and standing orders.

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  1. Sales order entry can now have extended line descriptions of up to 2048 characters. In Sales Order Entry Control S-S-X-O turn on the “Extended Line Descriptions” flag. (6.2)
  2. The stock lines description can now default to the stock item’s extended description, if extended line descriptions are on. Set the “Default Extended Description” flag on the Entry Defaults tab in Sales Order Entry Control S-S-X-O.
  3. You can restrict the maximum discount percentage staff are able to give. In Maintain User Groups S-M-G, set the required “Max Discount” value for the security group, or zero (0%) to ignore. Setting a value here, will prevent access to the price and amount fields. If a sale order already has a higher discount percentage, or the customer has a default discount percentage that is higher, then this will be the maximum allowable discount. (6.2)

You can restrict staff from changing/editing the default requisition details on a sales order. In Maintain User Groups S-M-G, set the “Edit Requisition” checkbox as required for the security group. (6.2

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  1. When you save a sales quote for a new customer, the system can automatically create a debtor account for the customer. The account information will come from what has been entered on the quote, including the account code, or if the account code is left blank it will be automatically generated. In Sales Order Entry Control S-S-X-O, turn on the “Create Debtor” flag. You should then fill out the “Account No.” prefix and number on the Document Numbering tab in Debtor Control S-S-D, for automatic account numbering. (6.2)
  2. Prevent staff from reserving stock that is not available. This is an important improvement for good stock control and customer service. In Sales Order Entry Control S-S-X-O, set the “Reserve Only Available” flag. (6.2)
  3. Calculating the available quantity and thus the reserved quantity, now takes into account if the line item has already been entered on the order, i.e. the same item is on multiple order lines. (6.2)
  4. Being able to limit the sale order transaction types to just Quotes and Orders, simplifies it for staff if the other types of Standing Orders and General Quotes are not required. Set the “Orders and Quotes Only” flag in Sales Order Entry Control S-S-X-O. (6.2)
  5. Dropping General Ledger lines from sale order transactions, helps to simplify things for staff if they’re not required. Set the “Exclude GL Lines” flag in Sales Order Entry Control S-S-X-O. {6.2)
  6. You can remove the Exchange and Supplement options from Confirm Picking Slips D-O-T-C, which helps to simplify things for staff if they’re not required. Set the “Exclude Exchange and Supplement” flag in Sales Order Entry Control S-S-X-O. (6.2)
  7. Move & Convert Quotes D-O-S-Q, is a new option that allows quotes to be converted to orders in bulk and optionally moved to a new division/location at the same time. This can be very useful when eCommerce orders are received into a central division/location, and then need to be distributed to other divisions/locations geographically. (6.2)
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With the current worldwide product supply issues, and prices continuously changing at short notice, these cost increases often need to be passed onto the customer straight away. We’ve now made this easier to do, by allowing customer quotes and orders to be revalued in bulk. Revalue Orders D-O-S-R, does just this, where previously it only allowed standing orders to be revalued. (6.2)

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  1. Sales Order Exception Processing is now much smarter. Exception processing allows the normal workflow steps to be bypassed, e.g. if the normal workflow was order, pick, deliver then invoice, exception processing would allow an order to be invoiced without doing the picking and delivery steps. This can be extremely handy in certain situations, e.g. when a customer has unexpectedly turned up to collect their order. (6.2)
  2. A new “Allow Exceptions” flag in Sale Order Entry Control S-S-X-O, allows exceptions to be turned off altogether, or turned off in Sales Order Entry via the Process button.
  3. When a delivery or invoice is created as an exception, the Transaction Enquiry indicates this in a new “Exception” column.
  4. If a delivery or invoice, created as an exception, is cancelled, the system will reverse the “picked” and/or “delivered” quantities, so they correctly reflect what they would have been prior to the exception transaction. This keeps everything in sync, and allows the normal workflow to be subsequently done if required.