What is Mobile ERP? – Mobile ERP in Australia

Before we dive into Mobile ERP, understanding what an ‘ERP’ system is in the first place is vital.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an all-encompassing software solution that streamlines and automates business processes into one single unified system.

Our proprietary ERP solution Triumph ERP, is the go-to modular ERP solution for Australian SMEs. Offering unparalleled functionality and reporting capabilities. Triumph ERP offers fast implementation, robust performance and flexible integration. Imagine Triumph ERP as a central database that connects all your day-to-day business processes into a single, central and comprehensive system.

Now imagine… if your technicians are out there in the field providing services, and have the ability to securely access key business information remotely. Have access to data on, sales, customer habits, purchase history, insights and functionality of the ERP solution right in the palm of their hands. Now imagine, how much more they could achieve out in the field with an ERP solution like Triumph.

Today our phones are almost an extension of ourselves, a device that fits into your pocket but also has the power to run complex programs and applications if needed. Once your ERP system is implemented, often the very next thing businesses do is add-on a mobile ERP application, as mobile access for any ERP solution especially in today’s remote work culture is essential.

Mobile ERP empowers your workers by helping them access essential business data to collaborate and do their work from anywhere with just a mobile device. A valuable asset especially for service technicians out in the field.

What this means for your business.

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As a business, looking to add a Mobile ERP solution, you have to analyse the features of the solution before implementation, if it does add value to your business, and if the additional cost is outweighed by the benefits of a mobile solution.

Here at Triumph, our proprietary Job Mobile module is our answer to a Mobile ERP solution, a simple add-on module that helps technicians record, report, and track all expenses for a job directly from a smartphone back to the ERP solution.

Our Job mobile module helps to empower your workforce working in the field or remotely to securely access vital information that adds real value to day-to-day operations for the business.

A feature packed mobile solution.

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Triumph’s Job Mobile module is an innovative and efficient solution designed specifically for mobile sales teams and technicians, who need the reliability of an award winning solution they can access remotely. Opening communication remotely and increasing transparency for transactional and work data in an effective manner to increase productivity.

With Job Mobile’s ‘voice to text’ functionality’, your employees will find logging work descriptions a breeze. Supervisors now can review Job Times before they are even posted, ensuring they are accurate and that the Job has been done on time. Our solution allows for the recording of any labour and materials on site, as well as the collection of signatures while on the go.

Here at Triumph we understand the importance of real-time processing for businesses, it keeps you agile and flexible enough to bolster yourself against market forces. Our job mobile module has the ability to streamline your entire physical invoicing process, by processing credit card payments right on the spot, capturing and submitting receipts and invoices immediately after a transaction. Helping you and your employees keep track of transactions.

Our priority with our Job Mobile module is to give mobile teams the ability to manage inventory on the go. This includes getting directions to new job sites with our map feature, record Geo-locations for accuracy, access the fine details for the job, and contact the customer simply with our call feature for seamless communication.

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We know how important customers are, great experiences earn repeat business. So to ensure great experiences for you customers, our Job Mobile solution hands you the ability to generate customer service reports based on performance, straight to your email!

By leveraging Job Mobile, you can not only meet but exceed customer expectations, fostering long-lasting relationships and driving repeat business.

Embrace the convenience and efficiency of our Job Mobile solution and elevate your customer service to new heights!

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