How do I add supporting documents when entering a transaction?

All the major transaction options in Triumph ERP such as creditor invoices, purchase orders and sales orders etc, allow you to add documents. These can be supporting documents such as safety instructions, or a PDF copy of a technical drawing, or, when entering a supplier’s invoice, the original source document. You can even copy and attach a whole email.

Any transaction option that accepts documents has a separate tab page. Select, or navigate to, the tab page, then locate a document and copy and paste or drag-n-drop it onto the page

Debtor Invoice Entry

In the image below we have added a couple of documents.

Debtor Invoice Entry

After items have been added they can be view (open), removed (delete) or copied and pasted.  When the transaction is saved and the docket is to be emailed, checking the email next the document ensures it is added as an attachment.

Email Tax Invoice

Documents stored on a transaction can be viewed via the appropriate transaction enquiry option.  An icon visually identifies if one or more document is associated with the transaction.  These can be edit and additional documents added.

Debtor Transactions Enquiry

Save the environment and do away with printed copies of documents. Store them electronically.