Triumph Goes to America: Synergy 2023

From 19-22nd September, developers around the globe gathered together for the Synergy Conference in North America, hosted by DataAccess Worldwide.

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Synergy 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky

The conference was a four-day event! On days one and two, the techs got their hands dirty with web security, interface design, and other fun web tools. With day two and three dedicated to the conference.

With two primary goals DataAccess’s Synergy conferences aim to:

  1. To help inform developers and teach the DataFlex Community about the latest enhancements to the product, and
  2. To give developers the opportunity to network with each other

The rest of the time we kicked back and enjoyed the show, with the DataAccess team treating us to a sneak peek of their latest releases and what’s coming in the near future. Plus, we got to see some seriously cool projects from other developers using DataFlex tools to show off their skills.

It was also an amazing opportunity to learn from experts in the field and connect with other like-minded individuals. The keynote speakers were truly helpful and gave us a fresh perspective on the future of development for business applications with DataFlex. The networking events were also a highlight, allowing us to meet people within our field and connect with business contacts.

This year Triumph Business Systems sent their senior software developer, Thomas Murphy.

tom at dataflex event
Thomas Murphy, Senior Software Developer for Triumph

Thomas is a highly experienced developer and has been with Triumph Business Systems for over 24 Years! His expertise in software development has been invaluable to the success of our proprietary integrated software solution ‘Triumph ERP’ .

Thomas attended all 4 days of the conference. Marking his fifth trip to the States for Synergy conferences, with his first being back in 2005 in Miami.

Attending Synergy conferences has become essential for Thomas and the development of our own software, as the conference helps him to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies implemented within DataFlex. He always returns from these conferences motivated and inspired, eager to implement new ideas and techniques in his work.

This year’s conference was no exception. Thomas had the opportunity to attend several informative sessions and network with other professionals in his field. He even had the chance to speak with some of the keynote speakers and gain insights into their experiences and perspectives.

When asked about the highlights of this year’s Synergy conference Thomas said,

“It was great to learn more about what’s already in the product, and what’s coming next, particularly the improvements to the web offering and what we can then development using DataFlex. It’s also good to be able to have one-on-one time with the DataAccess development team and learn more about DataFlex.

Also being my fifth conference, it was good to catch up with other developers I had met previously and meet new ones, and discuss what they are up to. Another highlight was the group outing to a minor league baseball game.”

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Overall, the conference was a great success and we can’t wait for the next one. It was a reminder of why we love what we do and why we’re so passionate about creating innovative software solutions for growing businesses.

If you are a business passionate about innovative technology and want to apply this to your business today, let us help you, help you to take the next step today towards digital transformation.

Get in touch today or better yet try our demo to see how you can unlock the true potential of your business.

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