Rules of Play in 2023

There are twenty-four rounds, each round consisting of up to nine AFL games to tip against. Participants predict the result of each game by nominating the correct result. Participants must also select the margin they think will be scored in the margin game played in each round.

Awarded Points:

1PointA correct prediction will be awarded one point per game.
  Bonus Points
1PointParticipant(s) who pick the correct prediction and closest margin of the nominated game of the round will be awarded one bonus point per round.
1PointA correct prediction of an interstate team winner where the home team is playing in their home state will be awarded one bonus point per game.
2PointsA correct prediction of the lowest bottom ten team beating any top eight team will be awarded two bonus points per round.
10PointsA correct prediction of a drawn game will be awarded ten bonus points per game.
2PointsParticipant(s) predicting all correct results in a round will be awarded two bonus points per round
Special Note:
·         In 2023 all players will be given the concession to have three rounds of Tips submitted on their behalf, if they fail to lodge them by the cut off time, which is before the bounce down of the first game of each round.
·         After the three concession games have expired and no entry is received by the cut‑off time, no tips
will be recorded and the Participant will be ineligible for bonus points and prizes for that round but will still be eligible for the overall prize. Tips entered before the cut‑off time may be modified provided the changes are completed prior to the cut‑off time.
·         All concession games will be allocated away games including bonus points excluding the margin bonus point.