Triumph Build Date October 2021


Major Features From This Build

  • Automatic Delivery Dockets

A new feature in Advanced Sales Orders, when you have Advanced Picking turned on, allows a delivery docket to be automatically printed when the last picking slip for an order has been confirmed. Let’s say you have a large order that gets split into half a dozen picking slips. The picking slips can be picked in any sequence, and when the last one has been confirmed, Triumph will automatically produce a delivery docket for the order. This could be from Paperless Picking on a scanner, or in Confirm Picked Quantities (D-O-T-C). Note that if you don’t have deliveries turned on, it will automatically produce an invoice instead.

  • eCommerce Global Search

A new “Global Search” option in eCommerce Control (S-S-X-E) allows a product search to be done at any time from any page. A new search form is displayed at the same level as the page menu and View Cart button, so even if you’re on the Account page or Orders page, you can immediately search for a product, without having to go to the Products page first.

  • Revalue FX Bank Account at a Date

Revalue Bank Accounts (G-B-S-V) now allows foreign bank accounts to be revalued “as at” a particular date. Previously it would revalue the whole bank account at the current point in time.

  • Click To Order

There is a new “Click To Order” feature in eCommerce. When you send out a Sales Order quote, the form has an optional button at the bottom that says “Place Order”. Clicking this button will take the customer to a special eCommerce page that displays the quote again in a browser. From there, there is a “Click To Order” button that loads the quote into the shopping cart, and allows the user to check out, or continue shopping as required.

Click To Order works for both account customers, and non-account customers through the “Guest Debtor” if you have B2C. If you have a payment gateway, COD customers will be required to pay for the order during checkout. Note that stock items that are not web enabled are supported on a quote, and that any charge lines on a quote are converted to freight charges. If the order is being picked up these freight charges will be dropped.

The ”Order Enquiry Link” option needs to be on in Web Control (S-S-S-W), before this feature is enabled.  You can also user the {!Transaction.Order_Enquiry_URL} merge field if you want to put a “Click To Order” link in the body of the quote email.

  • Export To Excel

Both business forms and Background Task Scheduler reports, that are emailed, can now be exported and attached as Excel, rather than PDF. They can also be exported as Rich Text and CSV. In Business Form Set Up (S-U-F), there is a new “Export Type” option, allowing you to specify the format. This applies to the default output, system exceptions and account exceptions. The Background Task Scheduler (S-U-B) has the same “Export Type” option.

Note that these export formats and outputs are entirely based on what Crystal Reports provide. We have not direct control over the way the export file ends up. All we can do is tell Crystal which one of its export formats to use.

  • NAB Payment Gateway

We now support NAB Transact as a payment gateway type. Along with PayWay, MIGS and MPGS, this now covers all the big 4 banks, and most of the second tier banks.

  • Fixed Assets Service Scheduling

This was actually in the June update, but was not previously highlighted. Fixed Assets now has new Testing and Service Scheduling functionality. Testing & Service Type Maintenance (F-F-X-T) and Asset Service Schedule (F-R-X-A) are new options, and Fixed Asset Maintenance (F-F-A) has a new Testing/Service tab where different service types and parameters can be set. You could even make the Asset Service Schedule a scheduled report, and have it automatically emailed to the service manager at the start of every month. You can now even send it to them in an Excel format.

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