How to use the Zoom function to increase your efficiency

Zoom functionUsing the Zoom function is a great time saving device offered by Triumph ERP.

Anytime you have to enter an account code, e.g. debtor, stock item, job code etc., clicking the ‘Zoom’ function button (or pressing Alt+F9) will suspend what you’re doing and take you directly to the relevant account maintenance option.

You may wish to do this to create a new account or just to enquire on some details. As an example, say you were entering a new sales order and had just entered/found the code for a stock line. If you needed to look up some specific information for this item, e.g. a linked document about hazardous chemical handling, then you could simply click the Zoom button which would bring up Stock Item Maintenance with this stock item already loaded. You could then simply double click on the relevant document to view it on the screen.

Note that the Zoom function honours the menu security system. So if you don’t have access to an account maintenance option, you won’t be able to zoom to it.

Using the Zoom function is a great time saving device; give it a go and see for yourself!

Zoom function