The Three Tips for Success with Triumph ERP

The goal of Triumph ERP is to ensure that your company is a success. Triumph Business Systems makes this possible by incorporating comprehensive functionality, integration and flexibility, to meet the needs of your business, now and into the future.

Our aim is to help small and medium sized businesses to develop and grow by helping to monitor, control and automate all your business processes.

These are our three tips to getting the most out of your Triumph ERP system and turning your business into a growing success.


Leave behind the messy add-ons and spreadsheets and integrate all areas of business with Triumph ERP. The powerful, easy to use system, saves you time and effort as the bulk of the work is done by the core ERP package.

The whole-of-enterprise approach helps to streamline processes and information across the entire business, allowing you to see the ‘big picture’ rather than having to examine each section.

The fact that ERP software is fully integrated means that each area of the system speaks to each other, providing greater depth of detail and functionality with more powerful reporting and improved business automation.

Below is an example of the Triumph ERP purchase requisition module link. All modules synchronise together, creating seamless connectivity. No need to transfer or re-enter data, as the core system does this for you.

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ERP software solutions are specifically designed to help you grow your business, step by step, function by function. Triumph ERP provides many valuable benefits, one being the ability to automate certain business processes.

From the running of multiple branches as autonomous business, to the automatic reordering of stock or the consolidating of reports at the push of a button, automation helps to cut costs and improve productivity.

The fully integrated, modular design of Triumph ERP facilitates automation by providing inputs to the system. Inputs as part of the flow of information, can help to identify issues and provide actions to resolve them.

For example, think of all the inputs required to reordering stock, e.g. stock levels, customer backorders, job production needs, trading pattern, expected growth/downturn, manufacturing capacity, existing supplier orders etc. If a system has all these inputs and registers low stock, the system can automate stock reordering by raising a purchase requisition/order for you.


Purchasing Triumph ERP is step one on the path to success. The Triumph Business Systems team and our national network of accredited partners, are here to support and help you get the most out of your Triumph ERP software.

All our accredited partners have thorough knowledge of Triumph ERP, as well as accounting qualifications and expert IT skills. It is the experience, integrity and commitment of the accredited partners that result in the delivery of an effective business solution.

The comprehensive functionality of Triumph ERP allows for the simplest of tasks or the most complicated to be achieved without having to upgrade or change systems. Workshops and training sessions are available by select accredited partners, offering skills, insights and basic education into the Triumph ERP modules.

Triumph Business Systems also provided tips and tricks that will aid you in gaining the most out of your Triumph ERP software through a monthly newsletter. It is also a valuable source of information regarding updates and other available products.

It is our goal, and the goal of our accredited partners, to help motivate, educate, and support you in your journey with Triumph ERP. Your success is our success.