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The fintech industry is in a constant state of evolution…

As new financial industries emerge based on innovative transactional technology, making a considerable impact globally. In a market where innovation is the business, it’s more important than ever for fintechs to look towards transformative ERP solutions that offer Cloud systems that are secure, reliable, modular, and automate financial reports with constantly updated financial regulatory requirements both global and local.

Think of our award-winning ERP system as an automated stamp of approval for your financial processes, essentially ensuring your business is updated with the latest regulations.

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For any fintech, growth is fast-paced and can be extremely costly if you lack financial automation, especially for an industry that is reliant on the growth of financial technology. Automation is key in today’s fast-paced business world. Manual processes can lead to delays in financial close time and costly fines by regulators. This is particularly true for fintech companies looking to go public. To avoid such issues, the use of Cloud ERP systems has become increasingly popular.

You might be asking yourself why are Cloud ERP systems popular among fintechs?

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This is because Cloud ERP systems automate bank processes and financial reports. They give fintech businesses more visibility of their global operations, which can be crucial for their success. Moreover, Cloud ERP systems are constantly updated with global regulatory requirements for financial reporting. Cloud ERP systems provide a secure environment for storing sensitive financial data. They use advanced encryption techniques to protect data from unauthorized access. This is particularly important for fintech businesses that deal with financial transactions.

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Cloud ERP systems are not only remote but also highly scalable due to their modularity. They grow with you. This is particularly beneficial for fintech businesses that are experiencing fast growth. As they expand, they need systems that can keep up with their needs. Cloud ERP systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business. This ensures that businesses get the functionality they need without paying for unnecessary features. Cloud ERP systems eliminate the need for hardware and software investments, reducing capital expenditures. They also require fewer IT resources, reducing operational expenses. This can be particularly beneficial for fintech businesses that are looking to reduce costs and improve profitability.

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One of the biggest advantages of Cloud ERP systems is that they give business owners a 360-degree real-time view of their business processes and customers. This can significantly aid fintech businesses in unlocking key insights that can help fuel their growth. By having access to real-time data, business owner’s like you, can make informed decisions that raise your profits simply through the power of data analysis. Our Cloud solution enables collaboration among different departments within your organisation. Allowing your employees to share data and insights in real-time, enabling better decision-making not just at the senior level but across your whole organisation.

Overall, Cloud ERP systems offer numerous benefits to fintech businesses that are looking to go public. They provide automation, scalability, real-time insights, security, collaboration, cost savings, and customization. By leveraging these benefits, fintech businesses can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and drive growth.

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