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Gone are the days when the point of sale technology revolved around the simple cash register.  Today, Triumph ERP offers a fully-integrated, multi-function, Point of Sale module that assists you in all your purchasing and ordering needs.

The Triumph POS module provides a suite of tools designed to make total retail, and even wholesale, operations more efficient, easier to manage, and more profitable. Most accounting systems lack integrated functionality to process high volume retail sales and orders. Triumph POS, on the other hand, has increase capacities in integrated retail accounting software systems.

In addition to working in with our fully integrated web shop, here are five things that make Triumph POS standout are:

  1. Comprehensive Functionality – With a fast, interactive touchscreen design and features including barcode scanning and integrated EFTPOS, Triumph POS can complete a wide range of sales tasks. Some of these tasks include Gift vouches, quotes, laybys, damaged goods return, and comprehensive sales reports.
  2. Flexible Designs – Triumph’s POS flexible design allows you to customize the layout and design of the POS screen to suit your business’s operations. Customize buttons, panels or screens for different departments, functions, and even security levels.
  3. Fully Integrated – Like all Triumph modules, Triumph POS is fully integrated with all your business operations, offering full back office functionality. Triumph POS includes comprehensive stock control and debtor management, while supporting most modern POS hardware, printers, cash drawers, pole displays, and scanners.
  4. Mobile Order Taking – Triumph POS functionality is second to none with the ability to operate remotely on an iPad, or tablet. This allows sales people to access the system and generate orders in real time, anywhere, and still be fully integrated with back office software.
  5. Multiple Stores – With Triumph POS comprehensive functionality, you can run the software at multiple stores. By linking multiple stores, you will be able to reserve and transfer stock, detail top selling items by flexible time periods, and identify items sold by location and personnel.

What’s New in Triumph 6.1?

With the recent release of Triumph 6.1, have a look at some of the new features that are now available:

Gift Vouchers

  • You can now track the outstanding balance of the voucher and be repeatedly used until the balance is used up.
  • Gift vouchers can now have an optional expiry period, e.g. 12 months. After this period, they can no longer be used.

New Delivery Transaction

  • There is a new transaction and corresponding business form for orders that are partially delivered or picked up. When you recall an order, you can also easily enquire on all the previous deliveries/collections.

 Proof of Delivery/Signature Capture

  • In addition to being able to capture signatures in Sales Order Entry, you can also capture signatures in Point of Sale.
  • In the past proof of delivery generally meant printing an additional copy of the delivery document, getting the customer to physically sign it, then storing it away for a number of years, and hopefully being able to find it if needed. Triumph has changed this into a modern, paperless web application, that can capture a signature on any touchscreen device, including a mobile phone. The signature is then printed on the transaction document so there is no ambiguity.

Kitchen Orders

  • Point of Sale orders and sales can now be optionally split and printed internally for preparation. For example, an order in a club could be split into food and drinks. The food order could go to the kitchen, while the drinks order could go to the bar.

To learn how to transform the way your business processes orders and purchases, click the download button below for the Triumph Business Systems flyer on “Triumph Point Of Sale” or contact the Triumph Business Systems office on 1800 653 545 or by email on info@triumph.com.au.

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