How do I add documents to Stock Item Maintenance & other Master Accounts?

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This is how you add documents to Stock Item Maintenance.

The stock item documents feature in Triumph ERP allows a user to add documents regarding the stock item like instruction manuals or warranty documents etc. This information can also be presented on the B2B eCommerce site if needed so customers can access them.

To add a document to a stock item, first go into Stock Item Maintenance (I-F-A) and bring up a stock item.

Stock item maintenance

Go to the “Documents” tab and select “Local” for local files or “Web” for web/Internet based documents. In this example we link a local file.

Stock Item Maintenance

Click on “Link” and a File Explorer window will pop up.

Select the document that you want to link to, e.g. from the ~\Triumph\images folder, click and “Open” the “Triumph Example.pdf” document.

Stock Item Maintenance

The document will now be listed on the documents tab.

As an alternatively method of adding local documents, you can drag and drop one or more files from the Windows File Explorer onto the Documents grid.

Stock Item Maintenance

The document can be opened by clicking on the “Open” button and printed by clicking on the “Print” button.

The linked document can also be displayed on your B2B eCommerce site by clicking on the eCommerce button and checking “eCommerce Document” and “Display Document”.

Important Note; for security reasons, local documents can only be displayed on the web if they are in the Triumph\images folder, or, in Triumph 6.1 and above, the Triumph\documents folder.

Customise how the document is displayed on the B2B eCommerce site by changing the display type, image, heading, description and tab label.

Stock Item Maintenance

Adding a web document is very similar to adding a local document. However instead of having the file explorer appear when the “Link” button is pressed, you instead enter the URL for the web document. The easiest way to do this is simply cut and paste the URL address bar from your browser.

Stock Item Maintenance