How to perform a debtor wide transaction search.

How to perform a debtor wide transaction search

With  the  debtor wide transaction search in Triumph ERP Software, it is now much easier to find a transaction purely on an amount or reference, like what you might get from a bank statement.

The debtor wide transaction search appears in two places. In Debtor Receipt Entry D-T-R simply click the “Transaction” lookup button.

debtor wide transaction search,reference

This will bring up the transaction search window, where you can enter an amount or text to search for.

Debtor Wide Transaction Search

If you enter an alphanumeric search text, any transaction whose Transaction Number, Reference Number, Order Number or Description, contain that text string will be displayed.

If you enter a numeric search text, in addition to the above, the Amount and Unapplied Amount will be checked to see if their values match.

If you enter a whole value, e.g. 65, any amount in the 65 dollar range, positive or negative, will be found, i.e. $65.00 – $65.99. If you enter +65 it will only find positive amounts, and if you enter -65 it will only find negative amounts. If you enter +65.85 it will only find positive amounts for exactly $65.85.

Once you’ve found your transaction, double click on it to bring back the debtor and amount, or click the OK button.

debtor wide transaction search,reference

If you save the receipt and then apply it, the system automatically picks up the original invoice to be applied, making this job even easier.

debtor wide transaction search,reference

Based around the same lookup, Debtor Transaction Enquiry D-T-W, is a powerful new option to find and enquire on debtor transactions.

debtor wide transaction search,reference

The main difference here is that you have all the normal Transaction Enquiry buttons such as Reprint and Reverse etc. You can also export the results to Excel.

In addition to outstanding transactions, you can also find transactions based on a set date period or a date range.

debtor wide transaction search,reference

Note: Depending on the selection criteria, it may take some time to return all the results.