How to use Triumph Date Accelerator Keys

How to use our date accelerator keys

Triumph has special accelerator keys you can use when entering a date to make your job so much quicker and easier.

Discover a key, or combination of keys, on your keyboard that you can use to perform a particular date operation in Triumph.

For example, pressing the letter A will set the date to the accounting date, and pressing the letter T will set it to today’s date. Very handy!

Below is a list of the special accelerator keys you can use when entering a date. See how much easier your job can become.

Key Date
A Accounting Date
T Today
W Start of Week
K End of Week
M Start of Month
H End of Month
Y Start of Year
R End of Year
Plus/Equal Next Day
Minus Previous Day
Shift Plus/Equal Next Month
Shift Minus Previous Month
Ctrl Plus/Equal Next Year
Ctrl Minus Previous Year

Note that the alphabetic keys, e.g. A, T etc, will work with the caps-lock on or off, but not with the shift+letter key combination.