Supplier Request for Credit Module

Supplier Request for Credit

Keep track of stock when part of the shipment has either been short-shipped or stock items returned to the supplier for a credit refund

A credit note is considered a negative invoice. Credit notes are a way to amend the details of a purchase order invoice after it has been authorised. In the same way that payments are applied to close out an invoice balance, refunds are issued to close out a credit note balance. 

A credit note can be applied to a purchase order with Triumph’s Supplier Request for Credit module.

  • For individual items – when a unit price has been overcharged
  • For part of a shipment – when part of a shipment has either been short-shipped, or damaged goods were received
  • For a whole shipment – when an entire shipment was received incorrectly, or it was shipped out incorrectly and you need to cancel it entirely.
  • For a discount applied to an order after the invoice has been authorised.
  • You can also issue credit notes that are not associated with any particular purchase.
  • Process multiple credit notes for the same purchase order

This module will allow you to:

  • print a list of supplier debits
  • reverse an existing purchase
  • manually create a debit for a service, professional or miscellaneous purchase
  • manually create a debit for an item purchase
  • delete or reverse a supplier debit
  • print or email a supplier debit
  • reverse a payment that isn’t a supplier invoice. 

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