Streamline purchasing via the web with Triumph Web Requisitions

Triumph ERP’s Web Requisition module is a web based application that allows internal and external contacts to make purchase request anywhere, anytime via the internet.

Whether they are out in the field, in another office, or at a different desk, contacts are able to raise a purchase requisition through the online application. The purchase requisition is then available at head office to be reviewed, authorised and approved.

The approval stage acts as a preliminary step before purchase requests are converted into real purchase orders and sent to supplies. This allows for total control over the procurement cycle.

Perfect for job-related purchases, Web Requisitions can also be used for stock and general expenses, as well as for disbursement lines where external costs such as freight and insurance can be captured and apportioned.

One powerful feature of Web Requisitions is that it allows an existing purchase order to be completely revised and re-submitted for approval. Whether it’s due to an out-of-stock item or a needed variance in the purchase request, the user can revise the requisition after its original approval.

Once the new lines have been inserted or appended, or existing lines have been changed or even deleted, the new purchase requisition is sent to head office to be approved once again.


  • Simplifies the procedure for ordering materials and services
  • Reduces the amount of time spent creating a requisition, approving and issuing a purchase order
  • Optimizes the collection of data and document routing


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