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Procurement is the umbrella term within which purchasing can be found

Every business has expenses, purchases and orders they need to make- so if your company doesn’t have proper control of its purchasing process, it can cause some major concerns. With a Triumph ERP system, you will be able to successfully manage your company by providing a systematic and integrated approach. It will add value to all your business practices and save you both time and money. An integrated ERP system should be considered a core part of any organisation’s corporate strategy.

The relationship described below will help you better understand how Triumph ERP software modules link together to help your company develop a successful procurement management process.

Procurement,integrated erp system

Example of Purchase Requisitions Linked Modules

Procurement,integrated erp system


  • Increased efficiency and less bottlenecks avoiding delays in the purchasing process.
  • A robust purchasing process can be a competitive advantage for your organisation.
  • Measure the direct cost and the time-saved through better procurement management.
  • Savings can be achieved in a variety of ways, like reducing delivery errors or increasing quality of products and services.
  • Successfully integrating and measuring the purchasing within your company will allow for more insight into company spending.
  • Greater insight into understanding of goods and services that are of importance to your organisation.
  • Full integration with purchasing to supply chain management or logistics functions of the business.
  • Buy and track overseas goods with greater knowledge, enabling a stronger negotiation position.
  • Greater ability to manage, understand and develop integrated purchasing strategies.

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