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inventory distribution

Let Triumph ERP do the heavy lifting with Inventory Distribution

Triumph ERP software has all the tools you need to completely manage your company’s inventory and warehouse operations. Let Triumph do the heavy lifting for you with the latest mobile scanning technology, full integration with procurement, sales, and much more.

Benefits of Inventory Distribution

  • Make stocktake a breeze with the latest mobile scanning technology.
  • Increase efficiency, accuracy and control with a fully-integrated system.
  • Make better business decisions with real-time inventory information.

How can Inventory Distribution Manager help you?

  • Always have full control over your stock in retail, wholesale or manufacturing.
  • Sell or manufacture stock from multiple locations or stores.
  • Manage stock on behalf or a third party supplier or manufacturer.
  • Transfer stock between multiple locations within your organisation.

Job Costing Manager Features

  • Increase efficiency, accuracy and control and allow your warehouse to go paperless with handheld mobile scanners.
  • Have full control over warehouse staff order allocation and see an overview of workload and performance through a sleek management dashboard.
  • Split orders into multiple picking slips by department and prioritise orders based on the customer.
  • Use mobile scanners to requisition goods out of a storeroom and onto a job or as a GL expense.
  • Easily manage your stock at multiple locations, transfer stock between locations and set different quantities, costs and prices.
  • Get full control of stock managed on behalf of a third party supplier or manufacturer.
  • Give your customers what they want: instantaneous information on products, prices and availability.

Inventory distribution is enhanced with Inventory Scanning. Designed to work with state-of-the-art handheld terminal scanners, either through WiFi or over the mobile network.

Inventory Scanning is a web application that is directly connected to the back-end database. This means that it works in real time and sees and processes Inventory in real time. The major functions for Inventory Scanning are Stock Taking, Goods Receipting, Stock Transfers and Stock Requisitions.

Make stocktake a breeze

Remove all the hassle and errors with paper-based stock takes. Simply use the scanner to go down the shelves and scan the products that need to be counted. You can then either scan individual products or manually enter the quantity of the scanned product. Scanning an “outer” barcode will automatically count the box quantity inside. The scanner also supports multiple “count points”, where the same stock items is counted at different points/places within the one warehouse or complex.

Good Receipting

What could be simpler than walking up to a pallet of delivered goods and scanning them in against your purchase orders1. The items are confirmed, matched against purchase orders and saved in Inventory ready to be sold. If an item is on more than one purchase order it will present the list and ask you to choose one. It will then roll onto subsequent purchase orders if there are more items delivered than was required on the first purchase order.

If an item is not on any purchase orders, or it’s not in Inventory, it will be rejected with an audible warning. If an item is over supplied, an audible warning will also be heard, and a choice will be given whether to accept the over quantity or not. Once all the items have been scanned, you can see a summary on the screen before accepting the results. Simple, quick and accurate.

Stock Transfers

This is a great way of keeping track, or replenishing stock, in mobile vans. Each van is its own mini store. When the van comes into the main warehouse, the storeman can simply scan the required items, then book them out to the relevant van.

The items in the van are then tracked and recorded when sold or used. This could be done using our Job Mobile application, which is designed to run on mobile phones, or through any of our other applications that sell or use stock, e.g. Mobile Point of Sale.

Stock Requisitions

In manufacturing environments recording what stock is used as part of the manufacturing process is essential. Having an easy and efficient way of capturing this information is key to doing this successfully. This function allows you to scan any number of products, optionally entering a quantity, then committing them to a job or general expense code.

In addition to these major functions, you can use the scanner at any time to enquire on a stock item. Scanned items display the image for confirmation, which you can zoom into, it also displays various quantities, and allows you to see a list of outstanding sales orders.

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