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From bricks and mortar retail shops to the latest online presence, Triumph ERP has you covered

Triumph ERP for eCommerce uses the latest technologies to allow your customers to securely transact business with you through a web browser over the internet. The eCommerce store offers easy set-up with the flexibility to tailor your online store to suit your particular business and/or product line.

Other features include the ability to customise the product landing page, set special prices that are only available on the eCommerce store, create favourites, and template shopping charts. All this contributes to supporting the unique procurement requirements of customers while providing a powerful account management system.

All the data you need to drive the Customer Portal comes directly from your current Triumph software, therefore offering accuracy, with no duplication or re-keying of information.

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With advanced mobile, web and cloud technologies at your fingertips, your business can perform better than ever.

Make your customers online shopping experience a breeze

  • Customers can place orders, do their own quotes, check the status of pending orders, reprint invoices or statements, and even pay their accounts.
  • The online shop allows customers to just as easily browse and order on a phone, tablet or desktop device.
  • Easy searching of products by category, group, brand and description.
  • Product pages can be displayed in Large Image format, listed with thumbnails or in a plain list.
  • Multiple images per item with image zoom capabilities.
  • Customers can save their shopping cart and finalise at a later date.
  • Supports customers’ unique procurement requirements, including routine/repeat orders and bulk ordering.
  • Self-service online order management resources, including quoting, ordering, order status and stock availability.
  • Individual logins with different security levels.

Be the master of your own eCommerce

  • Integrate with your website to provide real-time inventory information to advise online customers of current stock levels and pricing.
  • Designed for multi-store operations with high volumes and large product ranges.
  • Identify selling trends, profile customers, track sales performance, and even automate reordering.
  • Offer targeted, customer specific prices and promotions.
  • Offer extensive options for colour, size and style ranges.
  • Track orders progress, through being picked, delivered and invoiced.
  • Offer multiple documents per product, such as specifications, handling instructions etc.
  • Create a specials landing page, with afdditional product highlighting for new or clearance stock.
  • Supports multiple formats for imagery and text including pdf, png, jpeg and html.
  • Create favourites and template shopping carts.
  • Create and promote an associated or alternative items list, e.g. product accessories.
  • Powerful account management to handle multiple buyer and user requirements.
  • Customer account balances and statistics instantly available.
  • Preview and reprint invoices and account statements.
  • Incorporate large manufacturer catalogues in the sales cycle.
  • Real-time inventory information, helps reduce sales losses from stock shortages of fast-turning stock, and reduces the negative impact of slow turning stock.
  • Access informed analysis of rates, margins, targets and stock churn, allowing you to make good business decisions every day.

Get your staff working efficiently

  • Utilise mobile scanning in both in your warehouse and on the shop floor to improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity.
  • Point of Sale has been designed for use with touchscreens and scanners for efficient processing.
  • Identify selling trends, profile customer purchases, track the sales performance of any stock item or staff member, and even automate reordering.
  • Easily manage large stock and transaction volumes, without slowing down your system.
  • Fast functions for product returns, quantity sales and price variations, making processing more efficient.
  • Use mobile technology solutions to allow sales staff in the field or on the shop floor to access up-to-the-minute inventory and price information and generate orders in real-time.
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 Advanced online retail experience for your customers with Triumph Retail

Triumph ERP software has also been designed to provide your customers with an advanced online ordering experience, including features such as:

  • Online Credit Card Payments: Allows you to take credit card payments over the phone or online, without the need for an EFTPOS reader1.
  • Pickup Notifications: Automatically notify customers by email or SMS2 when goods are ready for collection. The system will also create a phone list if you prefer to talk to them in person.
  • Freight Management Integration: With a seamless integration to Starshipit, a leading Australian freight management and tracking software, get live delivery rates, book courier pickups, and print delivery labels, manifests and any required customs documentation. Consignment note numbers and carriers can be automatically updated in Triumph.
  • Request For Credit: This is a new half module that allows you to keep track of supplier credit requests. Staff can raise pending requests, which can then be processed into a Request For Credit, or alternatively a Request For Credit can be entered directly. Credit Responses, when received from the supplier, can then be entered against the Credit Request.

1Online credit card payments requires a suitable Online Merchant Account.

2SMS are charged at 15c per message.

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Have a look at some of our client case studies from leading Australian manufacturers.

retail,mobile technology,solutions,online
retail,mobile technology,solutions,online

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