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Drive better decision making and business performance with Triumph ERP Software

Equip yourself with complete visibility and control over your entire consultancy business in real-time, from the moment a new opportunity is identified, through to project delivery, invoicing and revenue recognition – all while reducing costs by increasing efficiency and profitability.


  • Access accurate, real-time information with powerful, detailed reporting and Business Intelligence dashboards to drive better decision-making and always know you bottom line.
  • Review timelines, resource needs and profitability to develop more accurate quotes and identify areas for margin improvement.
  • Minimise the time and money spent on non-billable administrative tasks and reduce the double-entry of data to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Configure processes, workflows, reporting and information needs unique to your industry, and easily make future adjustments and customisations as required.
  • Financial capabilities completely integrate with your broader back-office, sales and service processes, making you more productive with real-time tracking, reports, forecasting and auditing tools.
  • Increase flexibility and maintain communication and control by utilising the latest mobile and cloud technologies.
  • Take advantage of fast and accurate labour time recording, and use the data collected to generate your payroll.
  • Get internal cost analysis of departments, divisions and task groups for large, multi-departmental organisations.

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