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Australian Agriculture is an industry where it is often hard to feel in control

We all know how severe our weather can be in Australia, and this weather can be difficult to dictate. Will it produce a profitable, bountiful season? Or will it be a season that is proving much more difficulty than expected.

Unfortunately, no one can control the weather, which is why it is so important to exercise what control you have in the industry- your business management.

Operating profitably in the agriculture and farming industry requires access to all your business information through the use of simple, versatile tools to maximise productivity.

Automating farm and processing operations provides labour efficiencies, which can free you up so you can optimise key processes across procurement, transport, and quality control. For these kinds of processes, people in the agribusiness need a comprehensive and fully integrated ERP system wherein they can easily maintain operation, product quality, financial accounting, supply chain management and distribution.

Even though all this data can’t make the grass grow greener, having a greater understanding can certainly help improve the decision-making process and the overall management of a business. 

In addition, an ERP will help you track specific on-farm quantities like changes in stock levels, amount of milk sold, weight of grain and wool produced – all numbers which can help you gain a deeper understanding of your businesses.

ERP systems also streamline compliance and transaction processing, so you can focus on the activities that drive profitability.


  • Taking mobile orders in the field, over the counter, via phone or email, or through the internet, with the confident that you’re selling the right products at the right price.
  • Real-time analytics and flexible business processes enable you to monitor and track your inventory and stock holdings with speed and ease.
  • Not only manage your own inventory, and that of suppliers’ who consign stock to you, but also manage any inventory you might have consigned out with agents.
  • Back orders will automatically trigger a purchase order to be raised, which is tracked at every stage and linked to a specific customer; never lose track of an order again.
  • A fully integrated Point of Sale function with EFTPOS and signature capture has you covered at the counter.
  • Negotiate prices and offer targeted promotions, all managed within the system.
  • Manage multiple stores or warehouses within Triumph, allowing you to easily control the movement of stock between locations.
  • Allow your customers to create and pay for their orders online, look at the status of outstanding orders, and see all their financial transactions and balances.
  • Paperless Picking and Inventory Scanning will make you as efficient and accurate as possible and stocktake will be a breeze.
  • Manage your suppliers and purchasing processes with the visibility to ensure you get the best price and delivery combination.
  • With our Sales Analysis and Business Intelligence modules, knowing exactly who is selling what, where, when and to whom, is just a click away.

We understand just how hard agribusiness can be, so let Triumph ERP help you take control of your business, and manage it through every season.

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Agriculture,agribusiness,business management,ERP
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Agriculture,agribusiness,business management,ERP

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