Purchase Requisitions,point of sale

Purchase Requisitions

The easy way to marshal goods and services that must be purchased

These requests are collected in a pool, which can easily be reviewed and edited, before the real purchase orders are created and send to their respective suppliers. When goods are receipted on these purchase orders, not only are you notified at that point who the goods are for, but the system also updates the originating transaction to reserve these goods for this customer.

No need to spend hours keying in lengthy purchase orders, just create them at the push of a button. Think how much time and money that will save.

Often referred to as back-to-back ordering this module enhances just in time ordering, improves customer service and makes you more efficient.

Requests for purchase can come from five different modules, including Inventory Reorder Reports, Sales Orders, Point of Sale Orders, Job Quotes (when converted to an order), and Internal Stock Transfers. For example, you’re creating a sales order for a customer over the phone, one the items they want is not in stock, all you need to do to order it for them is tick the box on the line, you can then move onto the next customer knowing confidently that the system will handle the rest.

Purchase Requisitions,point of sale
360 degree processing cycle makes purchasing a breeze.

Simply start with the Standard Base Pack, consisting of 6 modules, then add one or more of the remaining 47 fully integrated modules that are relevant to your business needs1.

1 Purchase Requisitions Module is dependent on Purchase Ordering Module and Inventory Module.

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