Purchase ordering,foreign currency

Purchase Ordering

Manage your purchase ordering and inventory costs with easy thanks to Triumph ERP

One of the best things about Triumph’s ERP Purchase Ordering module, is its ability to integrate with other Triumph modules. When your inventory reaches a pre-determined re-order level, or when you receive an order for an out-of-stock item, or when a job quote is won, a purchase order can be automatically raised. Purchase orders from overseas suppliers can be raised in a foreign currency with landed costs applied.

When goods are received you can automatically compare outstanding customer orders with the goods received. You can reconcile purchase orders with creditors’ invoices – checking quantities and prices. You can even check a complete history of your supplier’s pricing.

Purchase ordering,foreign currency
Multiple suppliers per product allows a detailed history or purchases.

Simply start with the Standard Base Pack, consisting of 6 modules, then add one or more of the remaining 36 fully integrated modules that are relevant to your business needs1.

1 Purchase Ordering Module is dependent on Creditors Module.

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