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Proof of Delivery

Capture a customer’s signature as proof of goods being delivered or picked up with the Proof of Delivery Module

New Features in Triumph 6.3 Proof Of Delivery has been considerably expanded and enhanced, especially in the area of capturing this information on the road. You can now capture multiple photos as well as a signature. Deliveries can be for sales orders, point of sale orders, or internal orders (stock transfers). We also capture GEO location information, so managers can see precisely on a map where goods are being dropped. All this can be done on a phone or suitable scanner.

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Our Proof of Delivery module helps you capture your customer’s signature on any linked touchscreen device, i.e. iPad, iPhone, Android, and have it printed onto the transaction document immediately. Signature capture can be set as mandatory or optional, based on nominated transactions. There is also the option of signing when the transaction is saved or later when the customer comes in.

The Proof of Delivery Module also offers the option of displaying marketing and advertising images to your customers while the device is idle.

Exciting New Features!

Using touch screen devices, like iPads, to capture signatures when goods are collected, has been a great feature that many Triumph users have taken advantage of.

Our software even extends to delivery staff in the field, who can easily get a customer’s signature, and take photos by using a scanner or just a phone. The driver in turn, just needs to scan or enter a document id from the delivery docket or manifest, and then get the proof of delivery like any other normal courier.

proof of delivery (scan 1)
Docket Scan
proof of delivery scan 2
Signature Capture

Turning the device sideways provides more width for a signature. If Delivery Dockets are not on, then you can capture the signature on the invoice. Additionally, to improve efficiency, you can now collect one signature for multiple deliveries. Scan the first delivery event, then tap the “Bulk Scan” button to scan other deliveries for the same customer. Then get a signature and/or take photos in the normal way.

There’s a neat new “Offline” function/button. At the point of delivery, if you don’t have mobile or Wi-Fi coverage, you can’t take a signature, but you can take one or more photos with your camera. Once you’re back online, you can then upload these photos as proof of delivery via this Offline button. The app will extract the drop off date and time from the photos, as well as the GEO location.

You can now capture multiple photos in addition to a signature when dropping the goods off. Capture a proof of delivery signature/photo on the road for Point Of Sale transactions, either a sale, order or delivery. This works exactly the same way as sales order deliveries, i.e. you need to scan/enter the internal transaction id, then get the proof of delivery for it.

Proof of delivery can now be collected for internal deliveries. This works exactly the same as sales order deliveries, but is based on Stock Transfers and the shipping docket. A driver will scan the internal document number for the shipping docket, and collect a signature and/or photos as normal.

There are a number of new email merge fields to support Proof Of Delivery. These should only be used for forms that can be signed for. In addition, because not all form transactions will be signed for, POD merge fields should be used within a “start” and “end” block. If the transaction has not been signed for, the entire POD merge block will not appear in the email.

proof of delivery email fields
New Merge Fields

A new Proof Of Delivery Enquiry, allows you to see all the relevant delivery details, for any transaction that you can capture a signature on. The enquiry shows the signature, photos, date and time stamp, and a map with the delivery point (GEO Location Recording must be on). This enquiry is in Sales Order Entry, Point Of Sale, Stock Transfers, and Debtor Transaction Enquiry. The latter is for convenience, so from the customers account, you can see the proof of delivery on an invoice, be it from sales order entry or point of sale.

signature enquiry
Signature Enquiry (Details)
signature enquiry 2
Signature Enquiry (Photos)
signature enquiry 3
Signature Enquiry (Location)
*Note that in the above image, the drop off point (red pin), was 34 meters from the expected drop off point (blue pin).

Automatically generate an invoice after a sales order delivery has been scanned and signed for. When a sales order delivery is scanned, you can now optionally output/email the delivery docket. The same goes for invoices. When emailing a delivery docket or invoice, after a proof of delivery, you can now attach any photos that were taken.

Geo Location Recording

Recording the GEO location where goods are delivered, is a great new feature that helps with customer enquiries and staff management. When goods are delivered and a signature or photo taken, the system will record the precise GEO location where this occurred. If there is no mobile coverage, you can still take pictures and upload them later. The system will extract the GEO location, and date/time, from the photos.

All addresses in Triumph are automatically stamped with a GEO location, so the system can compare the GEO location of where the goods were dropped, to the GEO location of an address in Triumph. This address could be a customer’s delivery address, a suppliers drop off address, e.g. a freight company, or just a delivery address not associated with a customer or suppler. The latter addresses can be maintained in Global Delivery Addresses S-F-F-D.

With GEO locations on, the Proof Of Delivery Enquiry (see above), displays a drop off map on the Location tab. This shows the exact drop off point to within a few meters. When the system records the GEO location drop off point, it then uses this to find a matching address within Triumph. And based on the GEO location for the expected address in Triumph, and the actual drop off location, the map will display different pins.

capture 1

Simply start with the Standard Base Pack, consisting of 6 modules, then add one or more of the remaining 47 fully integrated modules that are relevant to your business needs1.

1 Proof of Delivery Module is dependent on Point of Sale Module and Sales Order Entry.

2 Proof of Delivery Module is a web module and is based on a monthly charge with a minimum 12 months subscription. Contact your dealer to learn more.

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