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Paperless Picking

The most accurate and efficient method of picking stock in a warehouse!

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Triumph ERP’s Paperless Picking module brings state-of-the-art software and wireless technology to the picking process, increasing accuracy to over 99 percent and improving the overall productivity of staff.
One of the most inefficient functions in a warehouse is a paper-based system of order picking. Aside from being labour intensive, it is subject to costly human error including misread quantities and the incorrect selection or total omission of items.

Employing mobile technology is key to optimising the efficiency of warehouse operations and is one of the most valuable tools that your business can implement to increase profitability and eliminate picking errors. Triumph’s Paperless Picking brings state-of-the-art software and wireless technology to the picking process, increasing accuracy to over 99 per cent and improving the overall productivity of staff.

The software is primarily designed for use with handheld mobile scanners, but can also be used with smart phones, and tablets. Picking staff are guided through the warehouse in the most efficient way while products to be picked are displayed on the screen with their bin location, code, description and a picture, as well as the specific quantity required. The system is totally interactive with your database, meaning you always have an accurate, up to the minute picture of stock levels.

Paperless Picking is one of the 36 Triumph ERP modules that seamlessly link together offering whole-of-enterprise approach and helps you to monitor, control and automate processes within your business.

Improved Paperless Picking Performance

  • Mobile technology integrated with your database allowing total visibility and control of inventory and stock levels.
  • Massively improved staff efficiency and picking accuracy.
  • No paper, no waste.
  • Improved customer service due to faster and more accurate delivery of goods.

Paperless Picking Options

  • Force a barcode to be scanned before it can be picked.
  • Split orders into multiple picking slips by department (i.e. frozen and dry goods).
  • Manage picking staff by different customer groups (i.e. metro and country).
  • Management dashboard providing full control over order priorities.
  • Knowledge of who is picking what orders.
  • Orders taken in the field utilising wireless technology, or via Triumph’s fully integrated web shop, can be instantly processed by the warehouse.
  • Use the same scanners for paperless stocktaking.

Because the scanner guides the picker through the warehouse in the most efficient way, the picker does not need to the same level of in-depth knowledge they require with a paper-based system. This means it is a lot easier to put on casual staff during peak/seasonal periods.

Triumph’s Paperless Picking is designed to work with wireless mobile computer scanners that have a touch screen and can run a HTML5 browser such as Chrome. Paperless Picking provides the most accurate and efficient method of picking warehouse orders, it requires the Sales Order Entry and Advanced Sales Orders modules, as well as the DataFlex Application Server.

The costs of implementing Paperless Picking into your business will quickly be offset by the savings from improvements in productivity and accuracy with wireless technology.

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Simply start with the Standard Base Pack, consisting of 6 modules, then add one or more of the remaining 47 fully integrated modules that are relevant to your business needs 123.

1 Paperless Picking Module is dependent on Advanced Sales Orders Module.

2 Paperless Picking is a web module and is based on a monthly charge with a minimum 12 months subscription. Contact your dealer to learn more.

3Requires a compatible mobile scanning device.

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