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Manufacturer Catalogue

The easy way to work with thousands of different manufacturer catalogue parts is with Triumph ERP.

Are manufacturers data sets cluttering up your inventory system? Does it take longer than it should to find and process stock items? Triumph ERP’s Manufacturers Catalogue is the easiest way to work with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of different stock items without killing your system.

Triumph ERP’s Manufacturers Catalogue Module sits alongside the Inventory Module as a storage system for stock items available by chosen manufacturers. Manufacturers Catalogue works by informing the system when a product is available by a manufacturer when it doesn’t already exist in your inventory.

In some cases, there might be multiple alternative items available. Once you have chosen the best matched item, a part number will be automatically created in Triumph ERP. You will then be able to use the part number to continue with the purchase, sale, or required function, in any Triumph ERP module.

1.Prevent System Congestion

Manufacturers catalogue frees up space by storing stock items in a separate module. Another way it keeps your inventory clean is by automatically deleting the created part number once you have finished using it. The system will know the part number was created in Manufactures Catalogue, allowing you to set a flag for its immediate removal if it is an item you are unlikely to repurchase in the future.

2. Stores and Updates

Manufacturers Catalogue allows for datasets from manufactures to be imported into Triumph ERP. These datasets usually contain all the available products by the manufacturer and their current pricing. If prices have changed, Triumph ERP will register this and automatically update the pricing. This prevents you from accidentally selling items at a loss.

3. Find equivalent items

Manufactures catalogue can be used by businesses who manufacture and sell their own products. If a buyer requests an item and has the original part number, the business can cross reference the item in Manufactures Catalogue to see if they sell an alternative. This helps to speed up the searching process and increase the reliability of matching items.

  • Store hundreds of thousands of parts without clogging up your day to day inventory.
  • Automatically create parts on the fly from the catalogue.
  • Just key in the catalogue part number at the sales or purchasing screen.
  • The inventory part will be created based on a template item.
  • Provides optional warnings to keep you in control.
  • Inventory items automatically created from the catalogue will drop off when no longer required.
  • Handles the same part number from different manufacturers.
  • Offering a selection of manufacturers when this happens.
  • Flexible mapping of catalogue prices to inventory prices.
  • As the catalogue is updated so too are the prices on existing stock items.
  • Search and work with manufacturer part number or your own unique part number.
  • Filter by manufacturer, with unlimited number of manufacturers.
  • Superseded parts chain is handled in the catalogue.
manufacturer catalogue,inventory,Triumph ERP,catalogue parts
Update and add new catalogues by means of a simple import process – fast and easy.

Simply start with the Standard Base Pack, consisting of 6 modules, then add one or more of the remaining 47 fully integrated modules that are relevant to your business needs1.

1 Manufacturers Catalogue Module is dependent on Inventory Module.

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