Using a system which helps better monitor your cash flow and expedite collections is the easy way to triumph over slow paying debtors

Triumph ERP’s Debtors module includes invoicing capability complete with GST calculations and reporting. Inquiries on invoices can reveal the complete transaction details and invoices can be reprinted whenever they are required. Receipts do not need to be applied immediately when entered and, if found to be matched to the wrong invoice, they may be unapplied.

Digital images of each stock item can be displayed during invoice entry.


You can choose to operate each debtor account as open item or brought forward. And you can determine customer specific credit terms, discounts, charges and retention’s. You can even have accounts with multiple delivery addresses, different ageing periods for different customers and apply charges to overdue accounts. Statements can be managed on a debtor by debtor basis for printing, faxing or email distribution.

debtor invoice new 2023

All forms are customisable through Crystal Reports and can be printed or emailed.

Triumph’s Debtors module includes a special “notes” feature, in which you can record important comments and information on individual accounts. ‘Overdue’ letters or other important account correspondence can be generated at the click of a button with the built-in Microsoft Word interface. The transaction history of any debtor can be held for up to 7 years and, through a powerful parent/child relationship, Triumph ERP can report on specific groups of debtors.

Simply start with the Standard Base Pack, consisting of 6 modules, then add one or more of the remaining 47 fully integrated modules that are relevant to your business needs.

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