Creditors module


Paying suppliers on time and winning settlement discounts is a great triumph you can easily enjoy

Triumph’s ERP Creditors module puts great flexibility in your hands, allowing you the choice of open item or brought forward accounts, different ageing periods for different accounts and credit terms you can define to take advantage of the best times to pay.

The system provides you with a cheque and remittance advice printing facility as well as automatic updating of Triumph’s General Ledger and Inventory modules. You can even nominate if a remittance advice is to be printed, faxed or emailed on a creditor by creditor basis. Automatic payment processing allows you to choose which invoices are to be paid at specific times. And a quick inquiry allows you to see any outstanding purchase orders that may have been raised for a particular supplier.

You can determine any retentions to be held against invoices, program withholding tax and automatically allocate disbursements to individual items on the invoice.

Similar to Triumph’s Debtors module, a powerful parent/child relationship can be used to report on specific groups of creditors. You can retain creditors’ histories for up to 7 years, and statistics and notes can be kept on all creditors’ accounts. Creditor name column expanded 60 characters.

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Flexible payment notification options to print, fax or email remittance advice.

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