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The internet offers today’s enterprise remarkable flexibility when it comes to communicating with customers and business partners. Triumph ERP allows you to use your company database as the engine room of your business with exciting new technology that makes vital information directly accessible by your clients.

Triumph’s eCommerce module can be used on a phone or tablet, just as easily as on a desktop computer. The eCommerce application automatically responds to the type of device the customer is using. So on a phone, it will work similar to other phone applications, but on a desktop computer you will see a lot more information on the screen at once.

The eCommerce module supports business to business (B2B), web shop as well as a business to consumer (B2C) interface. This means that you can optionally sell direct to the public, with the purchaser not requiring a debtor account with you.

Triumph e-Commerce offers flexibility

Because not everyone needs or wants B2C functionality, or indeed B2B functionality, Triumph ERP e-Commerce offers a 3 pricing components option. B2C, B2B and the Customer Portal1. The price for each component is $125 ex per month, or $300 ex for all 3 components.

1B2B component also required the Customer Portal.

The Customer Portal allows account customers to enquire on their account, reprint statements and invoices, make payments and check the status of outstanding orders etc. Everything to drive the customer portal is done directly against the company database ensuring it is accurate, instantaneous and links with other Triumph modules, with no duplication or re-keying of information. The Customer Portal enables your customers to place orders, do their own quotes, look at the status of pending orders, inquire on stock availability, inquire and print details on their accounts, and even reprint their own invoices. The result is one of the best fully integrated cutting-edge web applications on the market.

B2C requires an Online Merchant Facility with a bank, so payments can be processed. Triumph ERP software support merchant facilities based on MIGS (Mastercard Internet Gateway Services), MPGS (Mastercard Payment Gateway Services) and PayWay by Westpac. Most major banks in Australia work with one of these three services. The advantage of this, rather than using a single 3rd party payment gateway provider, is that you deal directly with the bank, thus reducing costs for payment processing.

Business to business and Business to Customer

Triumph’s e-commerce module uses the latest technologies to allow your customers to securely transact business with you through a web browser over the internet incorporating:

  • Individual logins with different security levels.
  • Easy searching of products by Category, Group and Brand.
  • Multiple images per item on the product enquiry with image zoom.
  • Range indicator image can be replaced by an alternate image.
  • Use a different product description and image to represent a whole range.
  • Multiple documents per product, e.g. specifications, handling instructions etc.
  • ‘Specials’ landing page, with additional product highlighting, e.g. New or Clearance.
  • Create favourites and template shopping carts.
  • Customised pricing for individual customers.
  • Product pages can be displayed in Large Image format, List with thumbnails or Plain list.
  • Progress enquiry of orders placed, reviewed, picked, delivered and invoiced.

Web shop design

One of the primary requirements for customisation is to make the web shop and customer portal look and feel like a company’s main web site. This is mainly achieved through the use of cascading stye sheets (CSS) to set fonts, colours, and corporate images.


Web Site Shop Features for Colour, Size and Style

The range indicator image can be replaced by and alternate image or use a different product description and image to represent a whole range.


B2B e-Commerce
The actual name or label for “Colour” can be changed to represent other range types, such as Flavour or Style. You can also change the default label name or label for “Size” as well.

Simply start with the Standard Base Pack, consisting of 6 modules, then add one or more of the remaining 47 fully integrated modules that are relevant to your business needs23.

2 e-Commerce Module is dependent on Debtors Module

3 e-Commerce is a web module and is based on a monthly charge with a minimum 12 months subscription. Contact your dealer to learn more.

To download our PDF on B2B e-commerce Colour and Size Product Range Functionality, Click Here.

Download our PDF on e-Commerce

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