Sales/ Debtors

Sales Order Entry Enables you to process and fulfil customer orders and back orders quickly and accurately 

  • Create Template Quotes, Customer Quotes, Orders, and Standing Orders
  • Quickly import orders from an external source
  • Raise a Purchase Request for backordered items
  • Allocate backorders to incoming purchase order
  • Optionally print picking slips and delivery dockets
  • Confirm picked quantities, supplementing or exchanging shortfall items
  • Create delivery manifests in driver and drop order
  • Each customer can nominate if backorders and part deliveries are accepted
  • Optionally edit invoice before processing
  • Process and create periodic standing orders
  • Enquire, Reprint or Cancel picking slips, delivery dockets and invoices
  • FIFO Backorder processing with manual override
  • Report on lost sales opportunities
  • Track freight delivery progress

Advanced Sales Orders Enables you to enter and manage advanced sales order entry features

  • Record multiple deposits against an order
    • Deposits are automatically applied to invoices when created
    • Deposits can be cancelled/reversed at any time
  • Automatically create a direct debit banking file for a batch of orders that are being invoiced
    • Set the bank account and bank processing date when processing the invoices
    • An automatic receipt is created and applied against the invoice
    • Both standing orders and normal orders can be flagged to create a direct debit entry
  • Picking slips can be broken into picking areas, customers into delivery zones and processing priorities allocated to orders
  • Allow Bill of Materials receipts to be edited independently as kits

Sales Analysis Enables detailed analysis of sales and costs to assist in growing and refining your business

  • Collect sales information from Debtors, Sales Order Entry and Point of Sale, and create reports on what was sold by whom, to whom, and when
  • Segment your reports by sales periods, sales areas, sales people and stock groups
  • The flexibility of the system allows you to define your own segments so trends can be analysed and projected, and variances and performances compared with historical sales data
  • Choose and modify any period over which to report your sales dissection figures and specify the report range for each segment
  • Report weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or as required
  • Dissect sales down to five levels based on:
    • Debtor, Debtor Group, Debtor Parent…
    • Stock Code, Stock Group, Stock Category, Manufacturer, Supplier…
    • Sales Person, Sales Area, Operator and Time Slot
  • Create independent column layouts and graph the sales figures
  • Report Actual, Budget, Comparison and Total figures
  • Report this year and prior years
  • Report Sales, Costs, Quantity and GP $ and %

Debtors Enables you to control the debts owed to you by external entities and manage your cash flow 

  • Support for Parent and Children accounts
  • Handles Settlement Discounts, Retentions and Financial Charges
  • Multiple contacts per customer
  • Primary sales and primary accounts contacts
  • Supports multiple ageing types and credit terms
  • Set price lists, discount structures and stop credit flags
  • Multiple delivery addresses per customer
  • Integrated Word Merge facility or use the Bulk Email function
  • Date based Trial Balance and reporting
  • Pay Now button on invoices (requires the B2B eCommerce module)
  • Invoice against a Job, Stock Item or GL Account in any combination
  • Apply, Un-apply and Reapply transactions as required

Foreign Debtors Enables you to control trading complexities associated with fluctuating exchange rates when exporting to international customers

  • Any number of currencies supported
  • Change the default exchange rates as required
  • Override the exchange rate at transaction entry
  • Report and enquire on aged balances in foreign or base currency
  • Report and enquire on transactions in foreign or base currency
  • Enter a receipt amount in either foreign or base currency
  • Gain and Lose amounts taken up when transactions applied
  • Unrealised Gain/Loss Report
  • Foreign currency Inventory Price Lists, Special Prices and Sales Orders

As your business grows not only can you seamlessly add on additional modules, as and when required, you can also add additional users one at a time.

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