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business intelligence

Analyse your company’s data from a top down perspective

Spreadsheet style reports, Graphical reports, Dashboards or a combination of all can be produced. All reports and graphs start at a high level and allow you to drill down on any section, one level at a time, until ultimately you can see the raw transactions.

Reports and dashboards can be run from within Triumph, or optionally over the internet on devices such as an iPad or tablet. In both cases, Triumph’s menu security can be set up to limit users to what they can see and get access to.

Reports can be printed, viewed in Excel, saved as an Adobe pdf documents, or emailed in any format. Reports can also be scheduled to run autonomously overnight and emailed to selected staff. This way critical reports can be in someone’s inbox first thing in the morning. What could be easier?

The example dashboard below presents month by month sales compared to last year, top 10 customer’s sales and year-to-date comparison for last year, pie chart of sales by stock category, and worst performing 10 customers compared to last year. As well as being able to drill down into any of these graphs, you can select what year, quarter, month, stock category, sales person and customer to report on.

business intelligence

Triumph ERP business intelligence tools are fully integrated to give you on-demand access to performance data across your enterprise

Successfully managing your company requires access to in-depth, real-time data to help you improve decision making and understanding your company’s true profitability can require hours of manual number crunching but not anymore with Triumph ERP Business Intelligence.

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