Supplier Request for Credit Module

Request for Credit

Request for Credit is a new half module that allows you to keep track of supplier credit requests.

This module allows you to keep track of supplier credit requests. Staff can raise Pending Requests, which can then be processed into Requests for Credit, or alternatively requests for credits can be entered directly. Credit Responses, when received from the supplier, can then be entered against the Creditor Requests. The module allows staff at either Point Of Sale or when raising a Debtor Credit note, to flag that they would like to raise a request for credit. These requests are then reviewed centrally.

The request for credit officer can then easily match the requests to supplier invoices and send documentation requesting a credit for the goods from the supplier.

When a credit note is raised, it is matched to the request for credit. If the credit is refused, then Triumph has options to either return the item to your stock or write it off.

Anything outstanding can be easily reported on.

Request for Credit screenshot sample

Request for Credit features include

  • Raising a pending request for credit from Point Of Sale Return and Debtor Credit Notes.
  • Combine multiple pending requests into individual supplier Requests For Credit.
  • Supplier invoice look up will return invoice number, date and price.
  • Keep track of what quantity has already been returned on an invoice.
  • Enter a return reason for each line.
  • Email supplier for a return authorisation number (RMA).
  • Return to stock or write off stock, if the credit is not provided by the supplier.
  • Deduct other charges such as freight or restocking fees.
  • Keep track and preview what credits have been provided so far on an individual request.
  • An request for credit officer can raise request for credits without staff having formally raised an request for rredit officer requisition. This  is useful when faulty stock arrives or when testing.

Request for Credit Work Flow

Click below to see how to use the module, as well as steps for initial setup of the module

Simply start with the Standard Base Pack, consisting of 6 modules, then add one or more of the remaining 36 fully integrated modules that are relevant to your business needs1.

1 Request for Credit Module is dependent on Creditors Module and Inventory Module.

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