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Reducing your costs

One of the great things about Triumph Cloud is that it is much more scalable than having Triumph on-premise. If your business needs to scale back, or has seasonal fluctuations, you can simply request to reduce the number of users on a month by month basis. Thus, reducing your costs with your ongoing monthly cloud subscription.

When business picks up again, you can simply add users back on, as and when required. If you reinstate these users within 12 months of moving to the Cloud, you can reinstate them at the discounted subscription rate, but only up to the number of users you had when you first converted to the Cloud. Beyond this additional users are subscribed at the standard rate.

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Customising the Cloud

Taking into account the cloud loyalty discount for the Triumph software subscription component, dropping a standard user can save a minimum of $55 ex per month, and for those with a Starter Pack, dropping a user is reducing your cost of at least $82.50 ex a month. This can be a great cost saving in this difficult time.

Another potential big cost saving in moving to the Cloud is with your IT infrastructure. Large multi-user business applications require a good server and robust network to run on. These can be quite expensive, not only for the initial purchase, but also the ongoing costs with regard to software, maintenance, security updates and insurance. They also need to be replaced every 3 – 5 years in general. However, once you move your business application to the Cloud, you no longer need this level of IT infrastructure, thus reducing your costs.

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