Producing a Legacy: Del Basso Smallgood’s strength in family

For over 60 years, Del Basso Small Goods has been a household name for local Perth residents and businesses alike. From founding operations in 1958, the Del Basso family have been continuing their legacy for fine meats and produce for two generations, bringing the constant high-quality products they are known for.

Renato Del Basso, the founder of Del Basso Small Goods started the business in his twenties. With long hours and many roles to take on, Renato worked hard to produce only top-quality products for his customers. Bringing his wife Barbara into the business a short time after establishing, the couple saw the growth of the business as it secured itself a solid foundation within the Perth community.

As the business grew, so did the clientele, with Del Basso catering their produce to a variety of major supermarket chains, continental delis, and an assortment of lunch bars, cafes, and restaurants throughout Perth.

The high quality of care and produce allowed Del Basso Small Goods to gain a contract with Qantas Airlines, a pivotal client for the business. However, with the strict guidelines in place for catering for a substantial airline, the cost of external health and safety testing on the food products increased. To assist with the ongoing costs and improvements to the business, Renato and Barbara’s son Steve Del Basso gained a degree in Microbiology, becoming a Food Technician and Microbiologist, which brought the quality control in-house, leading to Del Basso Small Goods becoming the first business with their own accredited ISO testing facility in Australia with their own internal lab.

Steve Del Basso, who is now the Sales Manager of Del Basso Small Goods, has worked hard with his family to bring the business to where it is today.

“Working with your family to run a business isn’t always easy,” Steve mentions. “With long twelve-hour days, and being on call pretty much 24/7, there is a lot of time spent with one another. It is important for the family to get along.”

Although the business now has a small fleet of employees to help with daily operations of the business, the Del Basso family are still a strong foundation within the establishment.

“Renato and Barbara can still be found at the store,” Steve revealed. “Even though Renato is now in his eighties, he can still commonly be found each day in the back of the house, producing products just as he was sixty years ago.”

With research showing that only 30 per cent of family businesses make the transition to the second generation, Del Basso Small Goods’ sixty years in business is an achievement worth noting.

“Hard work is always constant.” Said Steve. “Knowing what is best for the family may not always be what is best for the company, which establishes the need for open and honest communication from all team and family members.”

“We are confident of our progressions for the future and look forward to continuing our work within Perth.”

Del Basso Small Goods can be found in Osbourne Park and continues to cater their products to many businesses throughout Perth.

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