How to gain maximum advantage with Triumph Short Cut/Function Keys

Triumph ERP uses a number of Short Cut/Function Keys which allow you to simply drive the software to your maximum advantage.

Knowing the Function Keys is very important as you will finish faster and if you get in the habit of using Function Keys your mouse will soon start collecting dust!

To perform with keyboard Function Keys, you press two, three or sometimes four keyboard keys at once. A single, quick use of a Function Key can accomplish the same thing as moving your mouse across the screen and clicking through several menus or hunting down buttons.

Each Function Key has a standard use as listed below. At times these keys may also perform other special tasks. In these cases, the key or button will appear on the bottom of the screen or, if not practical, the help system will define its specific use.

There are dozens of them for you to discover, from pressing, CTRL + S you can lock down your computer, by pressing CTRL + O, you can, Change Company. Try pressing Shift + F9 to undertake a Superfind.

Online Help F1 function keys Help Menu
Save F2 File Menu, Save
Search F4 N/A
Find F9 File Menu, Find
Clear F5/ESC File Menu, Clear
Clear All CTRL + F5 File Menu, Clear All
Delete SHIFT + F2 File Menu, Delete
Notes CTRL + N Tools Menu, Notes Enquiry
Change Accounting Date CTRL + D Tools Menu, Change Accounting Date
Toggle Single to Multi Ctrl + A Tools Menu, Toggle Access Mode
Lock System CTRL + S Tools Menu, Lock System
Calculator CTRL + U Tools Menu, Calculator
Hide Menu CTRL + M Tools Menu, Hide Menu
Log On As Different CTRL + L Tools Menu, Re-Logon
Change Company CTRL + O Tools Menu, Change Company
Beginning of File CTRL + Home File Menu, Find First
End of File CTRL + End File Menu, Find Last
Find Previous F7 File Menu, Previous
Find Next F8 File Menu, Next
Next Area F6 Navigate Menu, Next Area
Previous Area SHIFT + F6 Navigate Menu, Previous Area
Next View ALT + F6 Navigate Menu, Next View
Previous View CTRL + F6 Navigate Menu, Previous View
Exit From Triumph ALT + F4 File Menu, Exit
Superfind Shift + F9 N/A File Menu, Superfind
Superfind Previous Shift + F7 N/A File Menu, Superfind Previous
Superfind Next Shift + F8 N/A File Menu, Superfind Next
Move to Next Field ENTER / TAB N/A N/A
Move Back a Field Shift + Tab N/A N/A
Cut CTRL + X N/A Edit Menu, Cut
Copy CTRL + C N/A Edit Menu, Copy
Paste CTRL + P N/A Edit Menu, Paste
Exit to Menu F3 / Esc

Get in the habit of using these Function Keys and your mouse will soon start collecting dust!