making the move

Cloud Conversion – Making the Move is Easy

Converting to Triumph Cloud couldn’t be easier. Through your Triumph consultants, we will work with you to schedule the most convenient time so your business will experience no downtime. From start to finish moving to the cloud can happen in a couple of days.

We start by taking a copy of your existing Triumph, updating this and moving it to our cloud environment. We then give you back a new “Triumph Cloud” icon, and the security login credentials to access this. Once this is on your desktop you wouldn’t know if you were running on-premise or in the Cloud. All your data is the same and you’ll have access to all your existing companies. The look, feel and functionality are also the same, unless we had to upgrade you to the latest version.

Printers are automatically recognised, you can save files directly to your local computer/network, and emails are sent via the online industry standard, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). It really is a simple process.

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Triumph Cloud is here to help your business move smoothly through these challenging times. If you are interested in a free quote for Triumph Cloud, get in touch with us today.

making the move