How to use Lookup Filters to find information quickly and easily

Lookup Filters allow you to quickly and easily hone in on the information you’re looking for with Triumph ERP

Being able to filter your results to narrow down a search is invaluable. The filter button can be found in the top left corner whenever a lookup is called, be it a Debtor Account Lookup, a Creditor Account Lookup or a Master Stock Lookup etc.

  1. If you click the plus Lookup Filters symbol, you will be able to “Add Filter”.
    Lookup Filters
  2. Select a column to filter, then an operator such as ‘Equals’ or ‘Contains’ etc, then the value you’re looking for.
  3. You can add multiple filters by clicking the Lookup Filters symbol again,
  4. or remove one by clicking Lookup Filters symbol.
    Lookup Filters
  5. When ready click the Lookup Filters button to narrow your search.
  6. Click Lookup Filters to clear all filters.
  7. Note that when you have multiple filters they are always ‘and’ed together, e.g. Group Equals 01 AND Currency Equals USD.
  8. The most convenient way to add a filter is by right mouse clicking on the value you’re looking for in the grid, and then clicking the Lookup Filters button. This will automatically create a filter to find everything equal to the value you selected.
  9. Add multiple Quick Filters as required.
  10. Intelligent and context sensitive filter type based on column, a date is Equal, a name is Contains etc.