Is your Registration Key causing you frustration?

The registration procedure has a new option that automatically updates your registration via the Internet.

This option is now active for clients that have paid their latest Triumph maintenance and are on Triumph 6.0, 4-May-2016 or later.

If you find you are not on Triumph 6, see your Dealer today for an upgrade to the latest release, your upgrade to Triumph 6 is free and covered by your Triumph software maintenance. (Dealer installation fees apply).

To access this option, you would need to:

  1. Browse to Registration Procedure (S-S-S-R).
  2. Select Update Triumph’s Registration via the Internet
  3. The program will fetch the latest registration certificate and update the system. This includes your maintenance expiry date and any new users, or modules you may have purchased. It will also check if your version of Triumph is the latest release.