Inventory Scanning of Purchase Order Goods Receipts

Inventory Scanning is a new mobile technology module, and along with Paperless Picking, is based around an integrated hand-held scanning device. In addition to functions like Stock Taking, Stock Requisitions, and Stock Enquiries, this module now allows Purchase Order Goods Receipts to be scanned in.

Inventory Scanning

Simply walk up to a pallet that has been delivered and start scanning. The scanner will immediately identify who the supplier is and what purchase order the goods are on. If there is more than one matching purchase order, the scanner will get you to choose which is the correct one.

Goods from other purchase orders can be scanned at the same time, as long as they are from the same supplier. If there are more goods than ordered, the scanner will warn you, and give you a choice to accept the over delivery.

Once an item has been scanned and identified, you can either do repeat scans or you can manually enter a quantity. The system will also scan an outer barcode to give you a box quantity…

purchase order

Once completed a Goods Received notification can be printed or emailed, and Triumph will be completely updated. For receipting goods nothing could be simpler or more efficient.