How to selectively hide costs in Stock Item Enquiry based on user security

There are often times where you do not wish staff to be able to see stock item costs. In these situations, it’s easy to give them restricted access to the Stock Item Enquiry option. This can then prevent them from seeing the cost of an item and also the associated transactions.

To hide the costs in Stock Item Enquiry (I-F-E), you need to set the access rights in Maintain User Group Security (S-M-S) for Stock Item Enquiry to “Modify”. This will prevent the costs from appearing in the enquiry.

Stock Item Enquiry

You can also restrict a user from seeing the prices as well as the costs by setting their security level to Enquiry.

Severe restriction, i.e. no costs, prices or suppliers, based on Enquiry level security…

Partial restriction, i.e. no costs or suppliers, based on Modify level security…

No restriction, i.e. costs and supplier information included, based on Add and Full level security

Point of Sale

Note: If you have Point of Sale, you will need to select “Hide Costs” in Security Maintenance (P-F-S) to hide the costs in the Point of Sale’s stock item enquiry.