How to gain better control over emailing business forms in Triumph ERP

In Triumph 6 you now have much more control over emailing business forms like invoices, quotes and purchase orders.

Emailing in Triumph, unlike some other products is built in and free to use. Emails can be sent via Outlook, Microsoft Exchange or most other mail systems such as Gmail.

To turn on the editing of your emails, you would first need to navigate to Business Forms Set Up via System Maintenance -> Utilities in the main menu for emailing. Select the form and change Edit Emails to “Yes”. This will only work for single emails like a single debtor invoice and will not work for bulk emails like a statement run.


Before emailing a single business form the following window will pop-up, allowing you to:

  • Add multiple email addresses in the; To, Cc, and Bcc recipient list
  • Change the Subject line
  • Add multiple additional attachments
  • Edit and change the message body

In addition to this, Statements have a new page that will allow you to edit the message body and specify additional attachments. This is a great way of sending out additional marketing information such as new catalogues and price lists etc.