How to email contacts with a single click?

Maintaining contacts is Triumph ERP provides a quick and easy way to communicate with customers and suppliers alike.  With a click your email client is automatically launched with the email address inserted and ready for you to type.

Contacts can be mailed via any of the following options:

  • Bank Account Maintenance (G-B-F-A)
  • Debtor Account Maintenance (D-F-A)
  • Creditor Account Maintenance (C-F-A)
  • Insurance Maintenance (F-F-I)
  • Finance Maintenance (F-F-F)
  • Job Maintenance (J-F-J)
  • Global Delivery Address Maintenance (C-P-F-D)

And via the Contacts button on the application’s toolbar.

  • Contact Maintenance (S-F-F-O)