How do I speed up going through the menus?

Although the Triumph menus are consistent and logical to follow, sometimes you just want a quick way of getting to the options you use all the time.

Well, the good news is that this can easily be done!

At the top of Triumph, on the button bar, is a Favourites button. Click on this to display a list of your favourite menu options, and a list of the options you have most recently visited…


Simply click on any of these, to take you directly to that option, e.g. Sales Order & Quote Entry (D-O-T-O).

To add your own permanent favourites, click the “Maintain Menu Favourites” option at the bottom of the list. This will bring up the following dialog, where you can add, remove and order your Favourites…


Note that to add a favourite option, it must be in the list of most recent options to start with.

Lastly, if you don’t see a Favourites button on your button bar, you may need to adjust your menu security. To get access to Favourites, you must also have access to the “Maintain Menu Favourites” option (S-M-F)…