How do I print or cancel an existing picking slip?

Picking slips are an essential part of the Sales Ordering process. They contain important information about the products such as the quantity to pick, bin location and the order number.

So what happens if you need to reprint or cancel an existing picking slip?

First, go to the Sales Order & Quote Entry menu option (D-O-T-O)

Once in the menu option, bring up the sales order number. In this example, we will be using O1008.

Select the “Transactions” button to bring up the Sales Order Transaction Enquiry screen.

Once in there, you have the option to “Reprint Form” if you need to print the picking slip again.

To cancel a picking slip, click on the “Cancel Transaction” button.

A confirmation box will appear to confirm that you want to reverse/cancel the picking slip.

picking slip

Once you click “Yes”, there will be an entry in the Sales Order Transaction Enquiry that reverses the picking slip.

Please note that if you have picking confirmations turned on, you will need to reverse the confirmation first before reversing the picking slip.