How do I export my reports and listings to Excel?

Have you wondered how to export your reports and listings out from Triumph into Microsoft Excel for further modifications?

To export a report or listing into Microsoft Excel, what you first need to do is to open up the report/listing and preview it. In this example we are previewing the Debtor Trail Balance (D-R-B).

  1. Click on the “Export Report” button in the top left corner of the preview.
  2. Select “Microsoft Excel 97-2000 (XLS)” to export to Excel and the destination as “Application” then click “OK”.
  3. Click “OK” again when prompted for formatting options for the reports.
  4. This will bring up Microsoft Excel with your reports loaded.
  5. From here you can save your Excel file for later use.

This works for all Crystal reports and listings in Triumph.

Note that on the cloud version of Triumph you can only view your reports in Excel. The full version of Excel is not installed or licensed for the cloud. In this situation, you can save the Excel file directly to your local computer if you have permission, or save it on the cloud, then use Windows File Explorer to copy and paste the reports back to your local computer.