How do I action a supplier charge back using automatic payments?

Triumph ERP supports charge backs where by a supplier’s invoices can be journaled to a parent, or clearing supplier, without a payment being made immediately.  To set this up you require the following to be in place.

Creditor Control S-S-C

  • Parents/Children,
  • Charge Back Parent A/c, and
  • Automatic Payments checked.
Charge back

Creditor Account Maintenance C-F-A

  • Corporate Structure Tab set
    • An account as a parent with its child accounts reported combined and the charge back flag checked.
    • Link one or more child accounts back to the parent account
charge back,creditor

Charge backs are processed through the Creditor’s automatic payment options. These options allow you to define, edit and commit, or cancel, a charge back run.  The process is similar to any other payment run type such as cheque or EFT.  There are some differences and these include:

  • Accounts not ready for processing may be placed on hold.
  • Committing a charge back run processes the selected accounts by journaling between the child and parent accounts
  • Unlike other payment run e.g. EFT or cheque no journal against a bank account is posted.
  • If accounts are still on hold the charge back run is not removed once the commit finishes.
  • A charge back run remains until either all accounts on hold are released or dropped from the run.

Create a Payment List (C-S-A-I)

Use this option to create a charge back run.

charge back,creditor

Edit Payment List (C-S-A-E)

Changes to the individual accounts / transactions can be made inlcuding palce an account on hold.

charge back,creditor

Commit or Cancel Payment List (C-S-A-C)

Instead of nominating a bank account charge back require an invoice no.  This is then used to identify the journals between accounts.

charge back,creditor

Creditor Account Maintenance (C-F-A)

The images below show a comparison between the journal posted to the child and parent accounts respectively.

  • Child Account
charge back,creditor
  • Parent Account
charge back,creditor