How do I add User Defined Columns to the Point of Sale Transaction Lookup?

The user defined columns feature in Triumph ERP allows you to store your own additional information. This is handy for information about master accounts or key transactions. The ability to add user defined columns to a point of sale transaction lookup allows us the flexibility of filtering and looking up this additional information, making transactions easier and quicker to find.

First make sure that there are user defined columns set up for Point of Sale.

Go into Point of Sale and try to open a Point of Sale transaction, be it a Layby, Order, Quote, Parked Sale or Gift Voucher.

point of sale transaction lookup

This will bring up the transaction lookup. You then right click on one of the fields and select “Field Chooser”.

You will then be able to see the user defined columns that were set up previously appear as selectable fields.

Drag the field that you want into the transaction lookup and you will be able to search or filter by it.