How can I integrate Triumph ERP with a freight management system?

With the introduction of Triumph ERP’s Advance Sales Ordering module freight management is now a new option to help you streamline deliveries to your customers.

Triumph ERP integrates with StarShipIt who in turn manage the consignment notes associated with your deliveries or invoices. This information is recorded against the sales order and can be easily tracked.

Before you may access this feature, you must open an a/c with StarShipIt. You will then receive a key to use their API.  The fright gateway should be checked and the API entered using option S-S-X-O as shown below.

Triumph Sales Order Entry Control

Anytime you raise an order (D-O-T-O) that is not to be picked up, StarShipIt’s freight management is notified when either delivery or invoice docket is produced.   StarShipIt freight rules are applied to determine the best route etc.  Their web portal is then used to confirm the order’s release and a manifest is published along with packing labels and ultimately a unique consignment note.  The later StartShipIt automatically updates the original order.

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