The Fastest Way to Grow your E-Commerce business

With a market valued at $6.3 trillion in 2023 alone and 20.8% of retail purchases taking place online, e-commerce is an undeniable way for fueling growth by connecting your business to customers not just nearby but around the globe.

Growth in retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2019 to 2023
Growth in retail E-commerce sales worldwide (2019-2023)

E-Commerce operations usually lead to significant growth provided you have built a strong proven web presence within any industry you operate within. As you grow so does the complexity of the business. Having different systems managing different processes can not only impact your customers but also management. Managing a disconnected system that is not wholly integrated can be an immense laborious task to manage for both you and your employees.

So how do you solve this issue of having growth but also spending most of your time and resources on axing away at business processes that take you away from growing your product and service offerings?

The answer is an ERP solution. An ERP solution that solves the complexity of your business processes by connecting all the disconnected nodes into one central system that effectively integrates with the rest of your business systems.

Not only giving you seamless integration but also future-proofing your business through technology, making this your first true step in Digital Transformation.

Dedicated E-commerce function

Instead of relying on multiple levels of accounting software that require multiple hours of work to manage, put your trust in software that is not just built to grow with you but also helps de-clutter your business through technology.

Here at triumph we have built and developed a dedicated e-commerce module that is native to our ERP solution to solve exactly these issues.

As a simple add-on to our base pack*, our e-commerce module utilises your company data to seamlessly integrate your business with key stakeholders within your business. This not only helps you with things such as forecasting in the next quarter but also helps support various transactions with omni-functionality across B2B and B2C spaces.

We also provide you with your very own web shop that you can customise to your liking, from colours to even the design of the customer portals.

A level of flexibility that is both functional and design orientated to personalise the customer journey

Tackle both B2B and B2C customer groups with Triumph ERP

An ERP solution with an e-commerce integration enables you to implement innovative methods of improving sales, helping you experience growth every quarter. Here’s how our ERP solution can help you innovate and grow your sales funnels.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the latest technology and transforming it into an easily accessible format with an easier user interface. Our e-commerce module not only supports merchant facilities but also gives your customers a level of security where they can securely transact business with you simply through a web browser.

With unique pricing and discount arrangements, moving high-volume products and managing inventory, our e-commerce module is the ideal solution for B2B businesses.

Major benefits of incorporating our ERP solution with your e-commerce platform include:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Automate tasks, reduce errors, and streamline workflows across departments
  • Cost reduction: Lower operational expenses, optimise inventory levels, and improve resource allocation.
  • Data Driven decision making: gain valuable insights from integrated data to make informed business decisions.
  • Increased sales and profitability: reach new markets, offer competitive pricing, and improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Functionality Enhancement:

Integrating ERP software with E-Commerce stores provides the dual benefit of having the real-time storefront data in ERP and back-end data in e-commerce. This means customers are able to view and access the information in terms of available inventory, latest order status, and also track shipments using tracking numbers. In terms of syncing up with the back-end of your system, your operations, sales, finance, HR and other teams now have immediate access to customer order information from your e-commerce platform. This helps you reduce the cost of operations and improve the overall customer experience.

Inventory Cost Reduction:

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All information about sales within your E-Commerce storefront appears within your ERP system instantly. Your ERP solution such as Triumph ERP will automatically update your inventory based on transaction information. With reliable constant updates to the system in terms of inventory and online sales, your warehouse team can immediately start fulfilling orders accurately. This is in turn, reduces inventory costs when teams have to navigate guesstimating fulfillment.

By Implementing an ERP solution such as Triumph ERP, you can not only just track inventory in real-time but also predict and plan how much inventory you need in the future.

Generating Financial Reports:

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An ERP solution like Triumph ensures you have a financial overview of your business through automated financial reports. Equipping you with a balance sheet, profit/loss statements, trial balance, cash flow and much more.

By integrating an ERP solution with your e-commerce platform, you can ensure your end-user transparency in term of online payments and financial data that goes through your business.

Accelerating Productivity:

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Implementing an ERP solution in your e-commerce platform ensures a system unifies business processes, helping your employees ease away from performing manually repetitive tasks

It’s a logical solution to solving the impact of manually repetitive tasks that is better suited for computer software. Examples could include inputting shipping information, inventory level and production information. Triumph ERP works within this parameters to alleviate repetitive tasks by automating data input through a centralised point of information, saving your employees time and you money. Additionally, all online sales order get through the system promptly, ensuring your employees abilities to track and start fulfilling orders instantaneously, giving your business a more productive and efficient workflow.

Data Consistency:

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Through the integration of Triumph ERP to your E-Commerce platform, any data ranging from customer details, orders, payments and shipping information is transferred and synced across your platform, helping you and your employees access accurate data anywhere at any time to fulfill orders immediately. Additionally, product inventory details can be uploaded from the ERP to the e-commerce platform, thus overcoming the need to re-enter the data.

By combining a strong proven web presence with an ERP system like Triumph ERP, you have access to not just our proprietary e-commerce platform but also various other features that integrate from payments down to inventory. Our business systems ensures you a level of automation with the ability to broaden your product and service offerings, increase your reach, and remain open online 24/7.

Helping you boost sales and take your business to the next level with Digital Transformation.

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