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Triumph ERP is the leading enterprise planning software Australian product for small to medium sized Australian businesses and offers unparalleled functionality and reporting capabilities. Triumph ERP offers fast implementation, robust performance and flexible integration. Triumph software connects all your day-to-day business processes in a single, central system.

Triumph ERP is the ultimate next step for businesses that have outgrown software such as Xero, MYOB,or QuickBooks, and is the software solution of choice for hundreds of Australian companies across a wide range of industries.

Triumph ERP offers you these services and more:

  • Offers both Cloud and on-premise
  • A fully integrated business management solution, meaning no more messy add-ons or spreadsheets; everything is included in the one comprehensive package
  • Greater depth and a broader range of functionality, stepping up from basic bookkeeping functions to powerful reporting and improved business process automation
  • Modular design that allows your clients to add or subtract modules and users as their business contracts or expands, giving complete flexibility.
  • Compliance with Australian financial regulations
  • Advanced security features to protect critical finance and business data

An ERP system allows you to collect data from multiple locations, projects and teams, and view it in real-time. Information flows easily across companies, and it’s straightforward for remote offices and individuals to share knowledge between themselves and head office.

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